Wedding Tuxes | Guest Post by Jason Gasper

Guys, lets be honest.  The majority of us haven’t spent years dreaming and fanticising about our wedding.  Odds are we’ve considered it a necessary evil to get a life with that woman we love so much, if we’ve given it any thought at all.  On the other hand, your fiance has likely put more thought into this than you have about your favorite sports team.  Point being, this isn’t your day.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an opinion on what you are going to wear.

If your bride-to-be has chosen any of the dresses from this website or a similar non-traditional, non-“off the rack” dress then you can’t sit back and choose the first tuxedo you see at the corner rent-a-suit.  You also owe it to her and yourself to not let her choose your tux for you. Show her that you care by taking the time to do it right yourself.

There are seven components to a full suit tuxedo.  Shoes, socks, slacks, undershirt, jacket, tie, and vest/cummerbund. Pay attention to each one.  Silly socks, while funny to you, will completely throw off the outfit, let alone your bride and guests.  If the two of you haven’t discussed (and agreed on!) a comedy themed wedding leave those at home.  Stick to the theme and color palette your beloved has chosen.

Now look at the dress your wife-to-be has chosen.  If she chose the Romantic Gown (left) then you are going high fashion.  Look to wing-tip shoes and a coat with tails.  Take a look at Fred Astaire.  (If you haven’t seen Fred in a tux you are in worse fashion shape than I thought.  Google him.)

If she chooses a dress like thr Duchess Dress (right) then we are going for a different flavor of high fashion, less raw money and more nobility.  Look for a “Morning Suit” style tuxedo with an unadorned shoe.  If you can I’d go for an ankle-height or even a full boot.  NOT A COWBOY BOOT!  A plain black workman’s boot would work in a pinch, as long as it has a thin sole, but any place that has the suit you are looking for can probably hook you up with the shoes as well.

Point being, if she has taken the trouble to chose a custom dress then you should take the effort to chose a complementary tuxedo.  Now, closing tip: the tie needs to complement not only the suit itself but the choice of cummerbund or vest.  A bow tie can complement either a vest or cummerbund, but never wear a straight tie with a cummerbund.

Remember, just because you are straight doesn’t mean you can’t care about looking good. And at the end of the day, that is what fashion is all about.