Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 Couture Collection Tuesday, Jan 31 2012 

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 Couture Collection

Oh, Inspiration!

Let me count the ways!

Blue hair!  To be more specific, the hair is a personal favorite because I have my hair navy blue right now and I just love it.  I like the mod take on a retro style updo, too.  I have read that Gaultier was inspired by Amy Winehouse for the collection and I can see it here.

Just a bit businessy, underbust corset and white cotton flare!

Bit of lace to take it up a notch!



Corsets and Hips Monday, Jun 1 2009 

Talking with my friend Solan this morning, the subject of corsetry came up- no surprise there!

The point we were discussing was how very very flat a lot of the corsets being produced are! Hardly any curve whatsoever!

My theories on why this happens:

1. People want the corset to make them smaller all over.

In my opinionated opinion, corsets are for smoothing the figure, molding the figure into shape, and making specific areas smaller. Specifically the waist! When a corset is “made to slim all over” what you really get is a garment that is too small all over. The result? Muffining over the top and digging in at the hips. Attempts to pull the corset laces in to slim the waist a bit more just make the entire garment more uncomfortable as your flesh is squeezed out the top and bottom.

Realistic solution- Have your corset made to slim the waist, and in the silhouette you desire- but NOT too small at the bust and hips. You will then have the curvy look of a proper corset, without it digging in at the armpits, muffining at the top and cutting in at the hips. Extra room at the hips will also mean you can wear a skirt under it more comfortably, and not have a muffin effect on your hips too! Fantastic!

2. People think that a smaller waist makes their hips look bigger.

Realistic solution- a smaller wait gives your body CURVES, which is the entire point. A woman walks by in a curvy corset and the reaction is not going to be about her hips being big. It is going to be about those wonderful curves. Without the curves she would be a tube.

3. But what if I really do want something to make my hips/butt smaller?

Realistic solution- to slim the hip area, low tummy included, you might notice that corsets don’t go down that far. Why? Because it is good to be able to sit down. For that area, you need an undergarment that is superflexible. Slimming the upper thigh, hips, belly? Try the firm foundation garments available! Want it to be sexy? Go for the see through black lace versions and use the garter attachments- think Pin Up girls and go for it!

4. Muffin tops? But I have to get it that tight to look like I am busty!

Realistic solution- padding. Take a look at Nicole Kidman in her movie roles. She is wearing padding, and then her own bust looks fuller and her natural cleavage shows. Just wearing your garments super tight creates muffining all the way around- not ideal.

Realistic solution- underbust corset. With an underbust, you will have WAY more flexibility with what you wear under the corset, and you will avoid concerns with your upper arms showing. Also with an underbust corset, your blouse can be full and your bra can be padded, to give you as much bust as you like. Yay! I have also found in over 15 years of wearing corsets that underbust are far more comfortable in terms of being able to put them on myself, reach into the back seat of the car, and most importantly- wear them with the most different outfits.