For years I have engaged in lively conversations about how sometimes I am watching a movie about a dress.  Oh, because I do!  Yes, yes I do.
I see clothing in a totally different way than my sweetheart does.  I see fit, construction, appropriateness to the situation, over-design, under-design, and a wide variety of things.  I can find an absolutely horrible movie completely fascinating and divine if the costumes are good.  Heck, if the set decoration is good!  (I should post about the movie with the flowers)  He sees the weaponry, the fight choreography and a wide variety of other things that I don’t perceive.  Even more fun, get a room full of costumers together to watch a movie.  We will cry out in unison at the more ridiculous clothing choices, and have the ability to thoroughly enjoy discussing what each person sees in the subtleties.

I am of the fervent opinion that costumes have an obligation to inspire.  The wording for my long held belief was given to me in an article about the (then upcoming) second Matrix Movie, in I think Newsweek, but I am not certain now.  The designers said specifically that after the reception of the first movie that in the following films they felt they had an “obligation to inspire”.  Hooray for that!  I love a film that inspires us to reach father, think broader and move forward.  I am extremely disappointed when I feel that a film misses a chance to do that.

If a  costume is easy to replicate, boring,  overly simple or doesn’t fit well?  It is pretty likely to piss me off!  If there are many in a film like that?  There is a good chance I won’t like the movie- or at the very least it will be mocked accordingly.